For assistance in exhibiting our work at the 18th Spanish Phytopathology Congress in Palencia, Spain, we gratefully thank the following:

Our generous friends and supporters: Susan Crean, Mary Ann Annable, Susan Madsen & Stephen Mitchell, Debbie Hollett & Lawrence Feuchtwanger, Mechthild Meyer & Stu MacLeod, Karen Pelletier, Sheryl & Kirk Salloum, Bill Riel, Phil Vernon & Maggie Ziegler, Deborah Curran, Ann Daskal, Dave Jorgenson & Cheryl Macarthy, Sima Elizabeth Shefrin, Bob Bossin, Andrew Young, Marlene Morris, Caroline Zinz, Kathy Barnes, Danny Wong, Sylvia Feder, Meghan Hunter-Gauthier, Barb & Dennis Brown, Arifin Graham, Roselyne Lambert, Jovanka Djordjevich and Sassafras Savouries.
The people at chuffed.org

IUFRO 2011: We are pleased to acknowledge the financial support of The Access Copyright Foundation for assistance in attending the Montesclaros, Cantabria (Spain) IUFRO meeting.

Thanks to Dave Jorgenson & Cheryl Macarthy of Whitegold Adventures of Wells, BC, Anne & Steve Oliver of Williams Lake, BC, and to Sima Sharifi & Arnold Witzig of Vancouver, BC for their extraordinary support for this exhibition.

Our other business sponsors are Kate & Jerry Enewold of Boardwalk Woodworking Ltd. in Thrums, BC, Chris Harris Photography, 108 Mile Ranch, BC, Thomas Drasdauskis Photography, Bowron Lake, BC,  Cartier&Bailey Creative Studio, Wells, BC and Pinnacle Professional Accounting Corporation, Castlegar, BC

Our civic sponsor was the District of Wells

Wells, BC

“more than just gold”

Many thanks to our generous individual sponsors:

Anne Fullerton & Mark Pritzker, Kitchener, Ontario
Stu MacLeod & Mechthild Meyer, Ottawa, Ontario
Tess Healy & Wendy Young, Prince George, BC
Bruce & Susan Stout, North Vancouver, BC
The late Helen Hawthorne, North Vancouver, BC
Bob Bossin, Gabriola Island, BC
Denny & Sara Durocher, Port Alberni, BC
Arifin & Wiluya Graham, Victoria, BC
Mary Ann Colihan, London, Ontario
Geoff Meggs, Vancouver, BC
Victor Svenningson, Port Hope, Ontario
Amir Hussain, Montréal Forum
Cynthia Flood, Vancouver, BC
Gillian Walker, Vancouver, BC
Susanne Gartlan & Jim Close, Vancouver, BC
Ann Kujundzic, Vancouver, BC
Luis y Alicia D’Elia, Edmonton, Alberta
Lyndal Osborne & John Freeman, Edmonton, Alberta
Pat & Lee Taylor, the Precipice, Chilcotin Country, & Vancouver, BC
Lorraine Martinuik, Denman Island, BC
Dr. Anita Olsen Harper, Ottawa, Ontario
Ian Crawford & Judy Kujundzic, Victoria, BC
Donald MacPherson and Landon Mackenzie, Vancouver, BC
Joyce Majiski, Whitehorse, Yukon
Jordan Kallman, Vancouver, BC
Maureen Zetler, Vancouver, BC
Brian Lewis & Murry Krause, Prince George, BC
Dahne Harding, Prince George, BC
Helen Mintz, Vancouver, BC
Pippa Lawson & Lawrence Purdy, Whitehorse, Yukon
Susan Madsen & Stephen Mitchell, Vancouver, BC
John McLachlan, Hornby Island, BC
Kate Braid,  Vancouver, BC
Louise Rose
Richard Tetrault & Esther Rausenberg, Vancouver, BC
Thuong Vuong Riddick, Delta, BC
Yoly y Arnulfo Garcia, Vancouver, BC
John & Hazel Massier, Woodlot 1406, Cottonwood, BC
Maureen Trotter, Quesnel, BC
Fran Curran, Whitehorse, Yukon/Wells, BC
David Beaver, Vancouver, BC
Margaret Holler & Murray Syrnyk, Summerland, BC
Seth Klein, Vancouver, BC
Bob Simpson, MLA Cariboo-North
Mary Ann Annable & Charlie Roots, Whitehorse, Yukon
Louise Gilbert, Quesnel, BC
William Meades, Sault Ste Marie, ON
Norman Yates, Victoria, BC
Joan & Jeff Stanford, Mendocino, California USA
Arthur & Judith Dumaresq, Canim Lake, BC
Liliana Cisneros, Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Murray Boal & Janet Allen, Dragon Mountain Farm, Quesnel, BC
Lambert & Marjanne Vrijmoed, Langley, BC
Natanis & Larry Christensen, Victoria, BC
Heather Peters & Bruce Self, Quesnel, BC
Helen Dooley, Corvallis, Oregon, USA
Yael Wand, Jason Griffin & Orly, New Barkerville, BC
Kathy Landry, Wells, BC
Butch & Norma Collins, Wells, BC
Aleta & Mike Wallace, Wells, BC
Jessie Demers, Nelson, BC
Andrew Hamilton, Wells, BC
Imme Askevold, Creston, BC
Susan & David Zirnhelt, Big Lake, BC

Anne Fullerton & Mark Pritzker
Stu MacLeod & Mechthild Meyer
Tess Healy & Wendy Young
Bruce & Susan Stout
Bob Bossin
Denny & Sara Durocher
Arifin & Wiluya Graham
Mary Ann Colihan
Geoff Meggs
Victor Svenningson
Amir Hussain
Cynthia Flood
Jennifer Kaisaris
Gillian Walker
Susanne Gartlan & Jim Close
Ann Kujundzic
Luis y Alicia D’Elia
Lyndal Osborne & John Freeman
Pat & Lee Taylor
Kate & Jerry Enewold
Dave Jorgenson & Cheryl Macarthy
Lorraine Martinuik
Dr. Anita Olsen Harper
Ian Crawford & Judy Kujundzic

3 Responses to Sponsors

  1. Hey how can I get in on this great adventure. I wanna help too! Where do I send my cheque?? Love and hugs. Donald

  2. Tess says:

    what great company to be among! Good luck on this great adventure.

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