IUFRO Banff 2013: day 4

On our last morning we heard the seven more presentations on the theme of Climate Change & Altered Disturbances. Among them were Amber Marciniak talking about western spruce budworm and Anthony Robinson’s models and scenarios to calculate how long it might take for MPB to reach eastern Canada. We also learned about eastern larch beetles. All fascinating.

Dr. Jim Labonte of Oregon’s Dept of Agriculture gave the final presentation: the challenges of forest insect identification. According to him,  “the identification of an organism is the key to knowledge.”

We highly recommend his inspiring Extended Depth of Field photographs of insects. Here’s one slide from the Screening Aid for the Buprestidae of the Western USA: http://www.oregon.gov/ODA/PLANT/IPPM/Pages/buprestid_screening_aid.aspx


After lunch, we dismantled our exhibition, packed up and said our farewells before heading back to BC.


We drove as far as Mcbride that evening; thanks to Matthew Wheeler for finding us a great place to stay, and for seconding our choice of breakfast spot: Morels on Facebook, operated by Julian Randall & Anastasia McPartlin.


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