IUFRO Banff 2013: day 2

Tuesday’s presentations were on trophic & effects of weather and & climate. For example, Adriana Arango-Velez from the University of Alberta discussed lodgepole & jack pine responses to a blue fungus associated with MPB under water deficit conditions, Ken Raffa of the University of Wisconsin-Madison talked about the detoxification of plant defense compounds by bacteria associated with various insects, and Crisia Tabacaru from the University of Alberta shared her findings on MPB in post burn lodgepole forests.

Barbara Bentz, a Research Entomologist in the Forest and Woodland Ecosystems Science Program (Rocky Mountain Research Station), talked about MPB “voltinism”, i.e. life cycles (to simplify the term) across different elevations & latitudes. Another fascinating day!


Around 3 pm Annerose, Claire and I each gave a screen presentation about our artwork and its relationship to MPB. Then after questions from delegates, we had an “opening” in our exhibition space across the hall.


We were very well received, and many commented on the variety of imagery & perspectives among us. It was really nice to chat with people one-on-one, and several were especially appreciative of the inclusion of our art in the conference.


Thanks to Margaret Inoue for FTPing our PDF screen presentations from Wells to Banff!
(I had left my memory stick in the computer at home 😮

Bill Horne

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3 Responses to IUFRO Banff 2013: day 2

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  2. annerose says:

    Thanks for posting this, Bill. It looks excellent!

  3. Love seeing the interdisciplinary approach at work here.

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