We had heard that there were trains from Sopron to Budapest at 9 and 10 a.m. It took quite a while to pack everything up Saturday morning, so we were a bit behind and ran down the street as fast as we could with our suitcases to make the train at 10. We bought our tickets, then ran out to the platform, only to be told that the Budapest train was coming on the other side, so we had to run down the stairs and back up the other stairs with our gear.

After heaving everything into a train car, we looked around and wondered…where is everyone? A kind elderly gentleman went back to the ticket booth with Claire and found out that in fact there wasn’t a train to Budapest until 1 pm, unless we wanted to go to the bus depot and catch a bus to Győr, then train to Budapest. But that would only save about 10 minutes. So we pulled everything off the train and waited back in the station where there was a WiFi signal.

Bill uses Alan Zisman's netbook at Sopron's train station

I worked on my conference notes while Claire drew cartoon postcards of us, like this one:

cartoon © Claire Kujundzic

I looked up from my typing to see Ferenc Lakatos, the conference organizer, standing in front of me. It was nice to see him – he and his son Richard were there to meet his dad. But then Ferenc asked if we had seat tickets. No, we just had tickets to Budapest. Hmm.

He explained that we could have problems on the train without them and accompanied me back to the ticket booth. I bought two seat tickets for 360 Forints (about $2 Cdn). Not sure why these aren’t sold with the main tickets as one unit, but we were very grateful to Ferenc!

We had a very pleasant trip east on the GYSEV train, which has WiFi. Laszlo met us at the Budapest Keleti (east) station, and took us back to his place in Csepel, on the island in the Danube.

Claire & Laszlo at Budapest Keleti station

He drove the long way so we could see some of the sights, and made a fabulous dish with homemade dumplings for us.

Laszlo's home cooking

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