On Sunday we walked around Budapest for most of the day and had lunch downtown. The restaurant had a WiFi signal and we were able to run Skype through an iPod so Laszlo could talk to Claire’s sister Natanis in Victoria, BC.

Claire sets up the call

Laszlo & Claire, Danube River, Parliament buildings

In the evening we went to an epic opera in a grand old theatre downtown. It wove together the story of a group of Jews being rounded up in Budapest in WWII, the biblical story of Esther and present time elements, with segments of Klezmer music, song and dance.

Music college with Listz façade

The next day we explored more of Budapest on foot and watched a rehearsal of traditional and contemporary Hungarian dance with live musicians. They were excellent and though we couldn’t attend their final performance, we found a DVD of similar work.

Dance rehearsal

On Tuesday the three of us cycled to Laszlo’s other garden plot farther south on Csepel Island. In the evening we went to a wine cellar pub downtown to hear some music. Three people played violin, one accordion, a clarinet, stand up bass, and cimbalon – all playing triple time, perfectly synchronized! The place was packed with young women university students, most of whom sang along with great gusto. It was really fun.


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