Sopron conference day 3

On Friday, the presentations continued on species such as Polygraphus grandiclava (on pine and cherry!), Ips typopgraphus, Dendroctonus micans, Abies sibirica, Monchamus urussovi, Anoplophora glabripennis, Leptographium sibirica, Polygraphus proximus, Dendroctonus valens, and a few natural predators.

Bill Riel of the Canadian Forest Service (Victoria, BC) shared data on the MPB’s incursion into Jack pines in northern Alberta and how this could affect woodland caribou habitat. Anton Kovalev (International Center for Study of Extreme States of Organisms, Krasnoyarsk, Russia) presented his new calculus equations to model tree resistance with more accuracy. He also measured dielectric properties of tree tissues as an indicator of a tree’s physiological state.

Hisashi Kajimura from Nagoya University in Japan, discussed the latex defenses of fig trees in response to the novel threat of ambrosia beetles which have spread through Japan over the last 10 years. Larry Kirkendall showed some gorgeous photos of ambrosia beetles in Chile that are affecting Beeches there; very cool galleries!

Hisashi Kajimura, Nagoya University, Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences, Forest Protection Lab, Nagoya, Japan

Jon Sweeney of the Canadian Forest Service (Fredericton, NB) talked about the effects of host tree stress on foraging of Tetropium spp., and Krista Ryall of the Canadian Forest Service (Victoria, BC) presented her findings on a volatile sex pheromone in emerald ash borers that have killed millions of trees in Canada and the US. Apparently it is very hard to detect early infestation, as the trees are asymptomatic for up to 4 years.

Finally, Keith Douce (Center for Invasive Species & Ecosystem Health, University of Georgia) gave a summary of the resources available at, an image bank of invasive species, forestry images, insects and weeds with 1.3M records. Bugwood’s IT systems are fully integrated and can connect to databases; there are more than 145,000 images and 15,000 subjects. The site issues creative commons licenses through its Wiki system for the html, pdf and image files users can access. There’s even a mobile app for iPhone that plugs into an alert system. Very cool.

The Bugwood site

After Ferenc’s closing remarks, it was time for us to take down Claire’s artwork & repack it. Larry Kirkendall helped out and when we were done, we went back to Erhardt for supper with him and Torild Wardenær. It was a lovely way to end the week.

Bill & Larry, ready to wrap Claire's exhibit

Supper out; Ferenc Lakatos photo

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