Around Sopron

On Tuesday we spent a few hours  photographing the exhibit and ensuring all the work was labeled.

Claire’s trees and “forest carpets”, conference level, Pannonia Hotel, Sopron

We needed some extra mat board, so we took a stroll around Sopron and found an art supply store near the university. The owner was very friendly and has traveled around Europe and Latin America painting large murals. He introduced us to another artist who was visiting the shop in between teaching classes. It can’t be easy making a living from a small store in a small city like Sopron.

Art supply store, Sopron

We went to a grocery store and the staff tried to explain how to buy fresh vegetables: certain peppers require a sticker before weighing; other, apples and cucumbers were wonderful, and it turns out that the region is known for a heritage grape & wine called Kékfrancos, i.e. blue Frankish. There was nice Hungarian cheese, too, and bakeries every block or two. We felt ready for the conference!

Sopron neighbourhood

Downtown Sopron

Registration began before supper time and was followed by a social event on the hotel’s top floor patio. It was a beautiful evening to meet some of the 74 delegates from 25 countries, such as Larry Kirkendall from Bergen (formerly US) and his friend Torild Wardenær who is a Norwegian poet and playwright, and Frederick Schlyter from Sweden. Frederick is the thesis supervisor for a PhD student from Victoria, BC, who happened to visit our gallery in August after a Bowron lakes trip 😮

For a summary of the interesting relationship between UBC in Vancouver and the University of Western Hungary in Sopron dating back to the Hungarian revolution in 1956, see and


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