Sopron Bark Beetle Conference: installation

We spent most of Monday hanging the art in the area outside of the conference meeting rooms at the Pannonia hotel. The portico-collonade has an open area that extends from the restaurant on the ground floor up two floors to the meeting rooms and another floor up to a balcony garden and skylight. I went up a service elevator with Janosz,who works in the hotel, and we climbed out on the balcony to attach support wires, then tying the paintings to the wires. It’s a long way down to the tile floor below; good place to be wearing a safety harness, except I don’t know what I would have clipped myself onto.

Bill & Janosz hang trees from above the conference level

We also strung wires above a series of columns so we could hang trees from the very tops. The preliminary conference on bark beetle genetics started, and we met some of the delegates who were attending for the whole week, such as Milosz from Prague. The hotel staff were all very helpful and curious and we finished around supper. Claire’s art looked beautiful in this space. Time to go down the street for some goulash, dumplings and Soproni!

part of installation, as seen from dining room below conference level


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2 Responses to Sopron Bark Beetle Conference: installation

  1. I guess Claire would need to make trees that can go from the top to the floor…

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