IUFRO Conference: Tuesday, May 24

This was a very full day of presentations. The delegates’ slide talks lasted about 10-15 minutes each, with questions and answers. Papers and discussions included:

~Effects of pruning on Pitch Canker Disease in Monterey Pine plantations
~Foliage and dieback diseases
~White Pine needle diseases in Eastern Canada
~Bark diseases
…and much more!

I was glad I had worked in labs and studied organic chemistry, biology and botany, but I had no idea how they were carrying out their genetic investigations. But some of the images of pathogens and the marks they make on their hosts were very beautiful in a haunting kind of way!

a forest pathology presentation at Montesclaros Monastery

Ours was the last presentation of the day, and the committee gave us a generous time slot. I showed images of the Cariboo-Chilcotin in all seasons, including local activities, economy and culture, as well as maps and photos of forests devastated by the mountain pine beetle. Chris Harris, Thomas Drasdauskis and Annerose Georgeson kindly provided some powerful images that really enhanced this part of the presentation. Our goal was to communicate the scale of the epidemic.

With this as a context, Claire then shared slides of the art she has done as a result, including studio shots, her installations at the Olympics, and paintings that were too big to take to Spain. In her warm, grounded way, she spoke about the emotional impact of living amidst so many dead trees, and her creative process. A few people were moved to tears by the end.

Claire poses at the podium

Then nearly everyone came downstairs to view the main exhibit, and most stayed until supper time. The PhD students helped distribute the gifts of reproductions of Claire’s work that our many sponsors provided. It was a lively, happy gathering!

IUFRO delegates at Claire's main exhibit at Montesclaros


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